Well, if anyone is expecting a happy ending, then you’re an idiot. This is an Urobutcher ending where there are gains and losses.

I’m aware some people are disappointed by the ending since a lot of us are expecting the Sibyl System to go down. But think about it, before we watched the first episode, before we learned about the Sibyl System, before we learned its ups and downs……do you really think the point of the series is to bring down the Sibyl System? Yeah, before the show’s premiere, we get some hints from the synopsis that it’s a Minority Report-esque plot. But with all the promo art and the like, it a bit obvious that this is going to be Shinya VS. Makishima. You could see the Batman VS. Joker or Sherlock VS. Moriarty vibes from those two.

This is not like Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero where one would attempt to destroy the system. Sure, Madoka and Kiritsugu changed it but the former succeeds while the latter sort of fails. Here, it’s a deadlock. Makishima failed his revolution and the Sibyl System lost him. There’s still a silver lining among the Unit 1 members where Ginoza sees his weaknesses and no longer trust the system fully and Akane becomes mature enough that not everything is black and white.

Aw, he’s no longer wearing his glasses….

Seeing Akane changing from a naive newbie to a hard-ridden expert, she accepts her humanity. She no longer relies on the system anymore but on her own judgment. She knows that removing the system would result into chaos. But I think she knows that there’s no better replacement for the system since we know that there must someone who will take charge after the system’s downfall. I guess this never cross in Makishima’s mind when he’s planning his revolt. I mean, his main focus is chaos after all.

As for Shinya, well, I wish Urobuchi could extend his backstory further. His revenge is a bit one-sided. Yeah, revenge for his pal but from what we see here, his pal is a jerk and I don’t know why Shinya liked him in the first place. But again, it seems Shinya got a good ending. He got his revenge and is free from the system. Now, that’s good payment for revenge unlike what Saya got from Blood-C: The Last Dark.

Remember this girl? She’s actually that Oso Academy student who Yayoi comforted back then when her friend was murdered.

So, for me, the ending looks fine. It is very cynical but, do remember that life is also cynical. Despite getting rid the likes of Hitler and Osama Bin Laden, the change is only short-term. There are still dictators and terrorists in our society. There’s no clear solution in eliminating the negativity in this world. No matter how cruel it is, most of us continue fighting against it. Yeah, you may hate me or what. But there’s a need of balance. I guess some people are expecting utopia where there are no wars or conflict but we all know we’ve thought of that for centuries. No society is perfect and we’re human beings after all. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing but sometimes, conflicts makes grow into a better person. It’s just that we need to find a way on how to solve it.

Life goes on…BTW, did anyone noticed that aside from Ginoza and Yayoi, there are also two new Enforcers? Srsly, show who they are, damnit!

BTW, I noticed that this is actually the first time Shinya says Akane’s name when she clings onto that truck. Wow, why now? Anyway, I guess there might be a sequel soon since a lot of things unanswered such as Yayoi’s friend, the backstories of the other characters and, as anyone wants to see, Sibyl’s downfall. It’s a great show and still my favorites. Now, it’s time for me to divulge into the extra material which my fellow fans translated in tumblr. And for those who are disappointed with the ending, I think you need some time to look at yourself and society and do some soul-searching.