*dusts off blog*

Wow, I’ve been absent for like 2 months now. Or more like, not blogging any 2013 anime for the past months. Anyway, to anyone of you people who still follow this blog, just so you know, I’m going to take my leave from anime blogging.

The reason is that I’m nearly finished my graduate degree and next year, I’m going to do my thesis. I know that this is one of the common reasons for animebloggers to go on a hiatus. For me, this is serious and in my country, finishing a graduate degree is a requirement for taking the board exam in psychology.

But still, my interest in anime and manga hasn’t fade. Right now, I’m currently watching 4 Fall anime shows (Kyousogiga, Samurai Flamenco, Kill la Kill and Phi Brain Season 3). I’m nearly finished with Suusei no Gargantia and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (also heard that there’s a follow-up of it next year). So, probably on the Christmas break, I’ll still do my Top 10 whatever of the year.

As for blogging anime….well….time would tell again if I ever get back. It’s been fun blogging the shows you like to watch. I’ve been planning to make reviews on the anime movies, manga and shows that I’ve watched for the past months. But the motivation to do it has dwindled. Somehow, real life and tumblr are the reasons for that.

So, I’ll still be around. You can check my twitter and my tumblr as I’m both active in those.