I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions but this time, I’m going to be serious. Asides from the RL stuff, I’m definitely going back into blogging. Though, I might not do the usual anime episodic blogging, I could post some movie and anime reviews that I’ve seen for the past months.

Anyway,Winter 2014……looks a bit meh…..but I made some choices:

  • Space Dandy- The dandiest man in space made by the creator of Cowboy Bebop. It probably looks like some slapstick show following the (mis)adventures of Dandy (that’s his name). I know there’s a 10 minute sneak peak but I rather see the full episode first.
  • Hoozuki no Reitetsu- I don’t know what’s this all about. The synopsis is about some demon dude who solves problems or something. Idk. Someone in tumblr keep reblogging this. So, I might check it out.
  • Gin no Saji S2- I’ve watched the first season which looks good. And with the second season coming, there might be more interesting stuff for our main protagonist, Hachiken.

I’ll probably watched Nobunaga the Fool and Strange+ if the first impressions are good. I’ll continue watching Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco and Phi Brain 3