To my dear readers, if any of you are still following this wordpress blog, I apologize for abandoning this blog and not reviewing. But fear not, I’ll just keep popping out whenever I have the motivation to do so. For this year, I only watched 9 shows including the 3 carryovers from 2012. Yeah, I was never interested to whatever the anime fandom is hyping about like Valverave, Eccentric Family etc.

BTW, Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco, Phi Brain 3 and Gin no Saji will not be included in the 2013 list and instead be part of 2014.

This is one underrated anime and a sleeper hit. It has no or lack of fanservice and the characters are likable. I guess the reason why most viewers are alienated from this show is due to the 2011 ONA which is confusing. But in this anime, they managed to explain it and the overall theme of it is about the family. Also, the animation is very colorful. I’m encouraging everyone to watch this if you’re tired of dark animes and unnecessary fanservice.

Attack on Titan
This is the most overhyped anime on the year. I know that it got the fandom fighting among each other with regards to how faithful it is to the manga which is nothing new. This anime is like the Band of Brothers where they fight for the common good, die together and mourn for their lost comrades. I read the manga just before the anime finished and I really don’t like some of the changes, particularly the last episode. But anyways, the anime helped the manga’s popularity and everyone, whether an anime fan or not, really enjoyed it.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
JOOOOOOOOOOOOOJOOO! I finally got to finish it this Christmas vacation and I really love it! And I won’t deny it but there’s a bunch of BL overtones on Part 2 XD. Since the manga has been around for a long time, there are some shounen cliches but the manliness and badass of the characters overrun it which made it more enjoyable. Definitely, it deserves the title “Bizarre” as there are a lot of weird and ridiculous shit going on it the Joestar family. Also, I’m looking forward for Part 3 which, I heard, is the best part.

This is the last anime that I’ve blogged this year. I enjoyed discussing about the psychological and societal aspects of this show. However, I was hoping for more character development and world building. There are a lot of questions unsolved such as if there are other Big Brother-esque systems in other countries and other people who opposed the Sibyl system just like Makishima (though there’s the rocker chick who last seen in Yayoi’s flashback episode). Still, I enjoyed the character development of Akane (who is the most diverse character in the show) and Ginoza. And, I’m also looking forward for its second season and the movie.

Shin Sekai Yori
This is not a moeblob show. It’s not. This show is very mysterious with lots of suspense. It does have some cutesy moments but as you go along with the story, it became surprisingly dark. The female lead is very interesting and not annoying and I really like how everything develops where she slowly lost her friends until one remains and became her husband. And similar to Psycho-pass, it has a lot of psychological and societal aspects.

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited
I’ve never seen the original and I only picked this up because I want to hear Kouji Yusa’s voice and that this is one of the few animes that had him as the lead. Basically, this anime is sort of like X-Men except it’s on the villain’s side and Hyobu is more like Magneto (Fassbender version).

Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san Z
I really love the first season and with its second season, it still has its funny charms. I understand that the main protagonist is Azazel but a lot of people (like me) want to see more Akutabe. Also, the new demons are funny but the others, like Salamander, get reduced screen time

Genshiken Niidame
I’ve watched the two seasons of Genshiken and saw how the club evolved with the old members leaving and the new ones coming. It’s interesting that that new Genshiken are now composed of fujoshis with a trap. But again, the trap seems to hog all the screen time which is why I seem to like the first season more.

Suusei no Gargantia
Another of Gen Urobuchi’s work. It has an interesting concept and setting and animation looks neat. But the characters? Forgettable. Except for Chamber. I know that there’s a second season coming but I’ll not watch it since the most interesting character is gone. I guess this is one of Urobuchi’s weaker works.