Comparing to the past years’ lists to 2013, there are lot of changes. Some of those who stick around for the three years tend to fall back and give way for the newcomers. But, just like last year, some of the veteran seiyuus are back.

10. Yuuichi Nakamura

Roles this year: Kouichi Minamoto (Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited), Raizou Yamada (Kakumeiki Valvrave)

– At least, he’s making himself noticeable for the past months. Hopefully, next year would still be a big year for him.

9. Katsuyuki Konishi

Roles this year: Tsumugu Kinagase (Kill la Kill), Pinion (Suusei no Gargantia), Shingo Hachiken (Gin no Saji)

-I just noticed that he’s playing goofy roles this year except Tsumugu. I’m glad to listen to his voice again.

8. Kishou Taniyama

Roles this year: Jean Kirchstein (Shingeki no Kyojin), Ikki (Amnesia), Shuuji Sakaki (Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited)

-I think this guy is like Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars. Both are good actors and have band where they’re lead singers! Because of this guy, Jean became one of my fav. characters!

7. Ryota Ohsaka

Roles this year: Marco Bolt (Shingeki no Kyojin), Sugane Tachibana (Gatchaman Crowds), Haruto Tokishima (Kakumeki Valvrave)

-Last year, he was just new to the seiyuu world. Now, he’s getting more roles. Amusingly, his character from JoJo and Marco Bolt ends up getting killed in half! Please, don’t make him like Sean Bean!

6. Yuuki Kaji

Roles this year: Eren Jaeger (Shingeki no Kyojin), Alibaba (Magi)

-JAEGER! I really don’t like his roles back in 2011 where he played as idiot, Shion and that loser, Shu Ouma. But now, he’s Eren JAEGER! He really improved for these past years.

5. Hiroshi Kamiya

Roles this year: Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Koyomi Araragi  (Monogatari 2), Freecell (Phi Brain 3), Beelzebub (Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san Z)

– Special thanks to Levi for making this guy more awesome. This guy is all over the place now. But that’s not a bad thing because he’s a brilliant seiyuu!

4. Shinichirou Miki

Roles this year: Aikirou Mikisugi (Kill la Kill), 48 Face Freak (Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san Z)

-NUDIST BEEEAAACCCHHH~ Thanks, Mikisugi-sensei! For making the dialogue more sensual with your sparkles and nipples! Also, his guest role in Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san is over the top! Not bad for a guy who did some BLCDs!

3. Kenichi Suzumura

Roles this year: Myoue/Yakushimaru (Kyousogiga), Atsushi Murasakibara (Kuroko ni Basket)

– Though he’s not very prominent this year, hopefully, he comes back in the spotlight.

2. Akira Ishida

Roles this year: Inari (Kyousogiga), Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion 3.0), Souji Jikukawa (Phi Brain 3)

– Reason he moved higher on the list is because I loved his performance in Kyousogiga and probably in Evangelion 3.0 where he made Kaworu more human (though YMMV).

1. Tomokazu Sugita

Roles this year: Hidenori Goto (Samurai Flamenco), Chamber (Suusei no Gargantia), Gintoki Sakata (Gintama), Pinochole (Phi Brain S3)

-2013 is definitely Sugitan’s year! He’s becoming more versatile and everybody loves him!

Honorable Mention:

*Junichi Suwabe (Yaichirou Shimogami of Eccentric Family, Daiki Aomini of Kuroko no Basket)

-I’m just glad that he’s coming back now. 2013 is just warm-up for his big role as Dandy of Space Dandy!

*Kouji Yusa (Kyosuke Hyobu of Zettai Karen Children:The Unlimited)

-I thought 2013 would be the year where Yucchi gets to shine. But it’s not. Well, at least, there’s Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and other 2 Winter 2014 animes. But I’m not happy that he’s not going to be in JoJo Part 3 where he did a voice role of one of the main characters from the game. I guess Daisuke Hirakawa seems to be okay.

*Daisuke Ono (Erwin Smith of Shingeki no Kyojin, Shintarou Midorima of Kuroko no Basket)

-I know this guy is all over the place before but he’s taking the sideline for now. And with him as the next JoJo, I bet he can deliver a great performance.