About this Blog

How this blog started:

Earlier, I had an LJ blog with the same name (now called as Junketsu Paradox) back in February 2009. It talks about my views and opinions on everything I’ve seen. But most of my posts are about anime and manga. However, due to the recent problems that LJ is having, I set up an account in Dreamwidth which is like LJ. But it sucks. So, I set up a WP account here.

This blog will talk about the animes that I’ve reviewed along with some mini-review of the animes that are already finished airing and impressions of each season. I can only blog 1-3 shows for each season since I’m busy with my RL. But I also sometimes add news about doujin music, reviews on BL and otome games, Jdramas and non-anime movies.

I don’t intend to put this in Anime Nano because I don’t want it to be one of those big-shot blogs which are made by anime elitists, “critics”, weeaboos and die-hard otakus. This is a blog about my opinions on the things that I’ve watched, seen and heard. So, I just blog for fun and it’s a hobby.

Disclaimer: Pictures and videos belong to their respective owners.


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