About Me

I’m born on June 27, 1990

I’m a Psychology graduate, currently taking my masters in Psychology..

I’m a Filipino

About me:

I’m shy, simple, quiet, but a diligent and somewhat average former student who has a good general knowledge. I have common sense. I’m addicted to anime and Harry Potter. I love cats and don’t like dogs. I’m a very moody person

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My name:

Let’s just say my name came from Superman/Clark Kent’s love interest. I have a second name but I forgot where that came from.

I’m also known as lelouchzero in Aarinfantasy

Hobbies: writing, reading, surfing the net, listening to music, watching TV

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter series, Dan Brown books, The Game, Les Miserables, comic books like the Marvel comics and Watchmen, Tom Clancy books

Favorite Movies:

Harry Potter, Matrix trilogy, The Ring, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Speed, Kill Bill, Equilibrium, Mr and Mrs. Smith, Transformers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, V for Vendetta, I am Legend, Ghost Rider, 300, Munich, Inception, James Bond movies, Adam Sandler movies, any movie that has action, comedy, drama or with a good plot.

Favorite Music:

Rock, Japanese music, OPM, R&B, Hiphop, any music that is epic, pleasing to the ears. And yeah, doujin music!

Favorite Anime:
Code Geass, Blood+, Darker than Black, Samurai X, Senkou no Night Raid, Gatekeepers, Hunter X Hunter, Saiyuki Trilogy, Baccano, Gankutsuou, Princess Tutu, Power Stone, Flame of Recca, Big O, Evangelion, Eden’s Bowy and a lot more

Favorite Manga:

X/1999, Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHolic, Code:Breaker, Trinity Blood, Ao no Exorcist and a lot more

Favorite Games:
BL games, RTS games such as Starcraft and C&C series, Mass Effect series

Favorite TV Shows:
CSI (Las Vegas and New York, never like Miami since the Horatio Caine is a poser with stupid shades), Without a Trace, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, How I Met Your Mother

You noticed that there’s not much any good Filipino shows. But the only Filipino shows that I like are Bubble Gang, Encantadia, Sugo and that’s what I can all remember….

….now for the hates:

I hate posers, emos, girls who are acting like bitches, sexists, racists, homophobes, people who hate kids (there’s a term for that but I forgot what’s that called), losers, liars, nosy people, narrow-minded people and people who fall under the category of douchebaggery.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I hate Twilight? No offense to Twilight fans.

If you have questions, just e-mail me: hpf42002@yahoo.com

Do I have a Facebook or Twitter account? Yes, I have but my Facebook is only limited to those who I know personally in RL. Which means that I don’t accept friend requests from people who are barely know in RL. And I rarely use my Twitter account Wait, now I have one XD.


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Oh, wow! Same vibes!

    Greetings from california1

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