My Anime History

My history of anime started way back around 1995 or 1996. The first anime that I’ve ever watch is the world masterpieces theaters like Princess Sarah, Little Prince Cedie and Robotech. I didn’t know those three were animes or should I say Robetech is a remade of Macross and I have no idea about that before.

Then, there’s the Dragonball series, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Akazukin Cha Cha, Speed Racer and Ninja Robots. The last three were aired in Cartoon Network before in English Dub. Dragonball is then the first show that I acknowledged as an anime followed by Akazukin Cha Cha due to the OP themes which are in original Japanese. Saber Rider, Speed Racer and Ninja Robots have English OP themes back then. The lyrics were a bit corny but the music are awesome!

Of course, along with that, I watched the American cartoons like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Jem, Centurion, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Littlest Pet Shop, Arthur, Little Rupert, Night Hood and the old Hanna-Barbara shows in Cartoon Network. I’m not going to list them down here because it will take a month to remember all those titles XD Oh, there’s also the usual Filipino soap operas (which we call them teleserye or telenovela), Tagalog dubbed Latin soap operas and Power Rangers. Yeah, I really remember the good old shows that were shown in TV back then.

By 1998, I’ve watched Gundam Wing which is the very first Gundam show that I’ve watched. Then, came along Bt’x, Voltes V, Daimos and Ultraman. Well, Ultraman is not anime but this is probably the first tokatsu show that I’ve ever watched. No, Power Rangers is not the first because it’s American made.

By 1999, I’ve watched Yu Yu Hakusho (or Ghost Fighter) and Pokemon in our local channel, GMA, in Filipino dub. You can read the whole story of Yu Yu Hakusho’s Filipino dub history in UkiyaSeed’s blog post. And then, I watched Ninku, which was aired back in AXN-Asia. By then, I follow a lot of anime shows in AXN-Asia. You can check them in the wiki article of AXN Asia. But by around 2001, AXN-asia started airing animes in original Japanese dub and this is where I got to learn some Japanese words.

But by 2002, my family and I moved from our old house to a densely-populated subdivision. So, there’s no cable back then and I have to bear watching shows in ABS-CBN and GMA. There I’ve watched Cardcaptor Sakura, Groove Adventure Rave, Detective Conan and, yes, the Taiwanese drama which made a big hype around the Philippines in 2003, Meteor Garden. No thanks to that, I’ve became an avid follower of the F4 fever. And by then, Taiwanese dramas start airing in both channels.

Around early 2004, I got back in watching anime again starting with the re-airing of Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca and Hunter x Hunter. For Hunter x Hunter, I know that it was aired back in 1999 but I didn’t bother to watch it. Late night time slot, you see. But then, Hunter x Hunter pulled me into liking anime. Then, of course, there’s Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. Then, later on August 2004 (yeah I remember because my sophomore year in highschool was very memorable), we got cable and I’ve watched some shows in Animax-Asia which are in English dub. I was not very aware of the criticism of the dubs actually but I was getting used to it. Of course, I still watch the animes in AXN-Asia before they give up in airing anime and give more time in airing action-oriented American shows.

But then by late 2005, my mom remove our cable subscription. Don’t ask why. So, I went back watching anime in the local channels and some local shows. And there’s the first manga that I’ve bought. Not bought but given as a Christmas present by my dad. And that is xxxHolic which became my ultimate favorite manga series and then, there’s Tsubasa Chronicle. Because of that, I got around searching in the internet for more information about these.

Then by 2006, I got familiar with Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. I was not interested in One Piece but I got around enjoying Naruto and Bleach. Then, for searching around the internet again, I got acquainted with Code Geass and this became my ultimate favorite anime series. How I got introduced to Code Geass is due to Random Curiosity blog (which was run by Omni, the original founder) and Memento blog (which is no longer available in the net. RIP Garten. No, he’s not dead. He’s just AWOL)

2007 was my mark in becoming a full-fledged anime fan where I got around watching and buying DVDs of Genshiken, Full Metal Panic, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series, X/1999 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. For FMP and NGE, both my two older brothers were fans of it and Evangelion was aired back in ABS-CBN in 1999. So, you could say that my two older brothers were the first full-fledged anime fans in our family.

2008 is the period where my addiction for the latest anime shows started and Code Geass R2 is the first. This is followed by Macross Frontier and Gundam 00. BTW, since I mentioned Robotech back then, my oldest brother got around searching for Robotech and then, he learned about the history of it and Macross. And on 2009, we have internet connection at home and there, I got around watching some animes. Oh and 2009 is the year where I became a fujoshi (yaoi fangirl) no thanks to a certain youtube video which is no longer available. I just want to say 2009 is the period where I pick up on the likely otaku traits (traits like discussing the sales, ratings and anything behind the scenes). But not fully because I know that most people (the non-hardcore ones or the non-elitist types) would find it boring.

Then, 2010 is my mark…..I started blogging anime in my livejournal. And my first anime blogged is Senkou no Night Raid which later became one of my top 5 favorite animes. Then, followed by Occult Academy, Otome Youkai Zakuro and the rest is history. But then, my blog is a mixture of anime posts and other stuff. The one who inspired me to blog anime is actually Divine of Random Curiosity (who recently went a hiatus for blogging due to real life duties) and psgels of Star-Crossed Anime blog. But by 2011, LiveJournal experienced some technical difficulties. So, I started transferring my post in wordpress. And thus, Chronicle Holic became my anime blog.

So, there you have it! Unlike some anime fans and anibloggers, my anime watching history is purely based on entertainment and I really grew up with it. It really became part of life since then. Also, due to my love for anime, I became more interested in Japanese culture, society and politics.

I do like to mix some facts from other fields (such as history, psychology, politics etc.) but I watch and blog anime purely for entertainment. I’m not like those other bloggers who like to make a thesis out of the shows they’ve watched. I know there are good ones who are like that but there are those who are trying hard to be like them.

Anyway, it’s nice to reminisce the events.


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  1. Thank u for remind me my past time .

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