Blood-C: The Last Dark Impressions


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Finally, after 9 months of waiting, I finally watched Blood-C: The Last Dark. This movie received a Fantasia award and reached No # 10 in the Japanese box office. However, it got some mixed reviews from critics. But that doesn’t stop me from waiting it for long. And in the end, my high expectations on this movie went down the drain……. Warning: before you think this is some sort of rant post, just so you know, I am excited about this movie and you’ve seen how much I made a lot of posts about this movie.

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Psycho-pass #19: Shinya Unchained



Well, the animation looks better. And not to mention, we’re only three episodes left! Wow, time flies so fast. I wonder how Urobuchi will wrap this up.

The most depressing picture that you have ever seen T_T

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“All Alone With You” by EGOIST


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The video presents Inori (though she looks more like Mana, Shu’s sister) falling down and meeting a blue-haired version of her. There’s a pixiv fanart out there which has Akane and Shinya as the pink-haired and blue-haired Inori respectively. And seeing that, you get the analogy that this song is all about their relationship.

And given by the recent events in the series, the lyrics really tell that Akane wants to help Shinya, who is falling out of his sense of duty. Given Shinya’s selfish and destructive reason for what he had done recently, he failed to realize that there’s one person who wants to help him and that’s Akane. Yeah, this sort of sounds like a romantic relationship. This is a very sad song and it fits perfectly to this series.

Will Spring pull my interest back on anime?

Here’s what I’m going to watch for Spring 2013:

  • Anime Mirai 2013– all of them most especially Death Billiards and Ryo
  • Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san 2nd season– I love the first season! And I’m glad we get to see more of the cast!
  • Shingeki no Kyojin– If you have seen the trailer, you know it’s going to be a wild one! I hope the director brings this one into an epic level after the Guilty Crown fiasco.

I might watch Suisei no Gargantia (since, you know, it’s Urobuchi) and Kakumeiki Valvrave (another mecha which might be the next Code Geass or something.) Sadly, the 2nd Code Geass: Akito of the Exiled will be on Summer. So, yeah, we might wait for it probably next year for the DVD.

You noticed that I haven’t been watching anime and reading manga for the past weeks. Again, you might think this is due to real life. Yes, it’s true since I’m about to finish my graduate studies this year. But the real reason is that I’ve been caught up with the “Oscar fever” and been watching Hollywood movies ranging from Les Miserables to Silver Linings Playbook.  Probably, after the Oscars, I might get back into watching anime. I guess this is a phase since earlier in January, my interest in anime is dwindling due to the recent anime trends (Obviously, you know what are those). So, will these new Spring animes bring me back into anime? Maybe.

Psycho-pass #14: A middle finger courtesy of Makishima



Would have come up with a better title but this episode is really about Makishima’s plan going into motion where he slowly gives a big FU to the Sibyl system. All right you whiners, as promised, we got a fabulous OP and it reeks with foreshadowing!

With all his friends dead, Shinya is about to sing “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables”.

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Les Miserables 2012 Impressions

Finally, I got a chance to watch the movie version of the Les Miserables musical. It is directed by Oscar-winning director, Tom Hooper, and stars Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe. The story tells about an ex-convict named Jean Valjean, who broke his parole so he can go back to the good side. But he is now pursued by Inspector Javert, who still believes that he’s a bad guy. While on the run, Valjean made a promise to Fantine that he will take care of her child, Cosette, when she dies. Few years later, Valjean fulfills his promise and Cosette grows up into a beautiful lady. However, their lives got entangled in an uprising led by French Republicans.

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